About Us

JHagbergheadshot1Jim Hagberg PhD is an internationally-renowned exercise physiologist at the University of Maryland College Park. He has ~250 scientific publications and is currently the Principal Investigator on 5 NIH grants. He has had long-standing interests in human performance physiology, his research has been funded previously by the US Olympic Committee, and he recently was an Assistant Track and Cross Country coach at the University of Maryland with the 2012 US Olympic Coach, Andrew Valmon. He is currently working with the men’s soccer, men’s and women’ track and field and cross country, women’s field hockey, and men’s basketball teams at the University of Maryland. He and his partners formed Training Optimization System in 2013 to develop mobile phone applications with the express purpose to prepare athletes to train and perform optimally.



Links to his most recent publications:





Chris Doyle is an accomplished software developer with over twenty years’ experience in Software Engineering, technically proficient in a wide variety of programming languages and platforms, and has enjoyed a dynamic career developing interactive, Enterprise-level web, mobile and thick client application systems for large organizations including world-renowned academic and health institutions, as well as for several government contracting firms.






Phil Gianuzzi has over 10 years of software development experience at academic institutions and for private contractors.

Rian Landers-Ramos is a PhD student in exercise physiology at the University of Maryland College Park and previously ran for Lafayette College.

Julie Fricke is currently a graduate student at Oxford College in England and she was previously an all-ACC distance runner at the University of Maryland.

Maeve McCoy is currently on the women’s track and cross country teams at the University of Maryland College Park.